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Acquire Highest Quality of AR Products from BANC3.

If you are the one who is seeking for the best and credible source that provides top- notch quality of AR products then you can count on BANC3. It is the most suggested and visited company where you can best quality of AR products. You don’t have to think twice as this credible company offers the customers the best, quality-assured AR products.


It is a cutting-edge and swiftly growing research/development and product firm offering premiere control, command, communications and intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance services to the Department of Defense and other government agencies. BANC3 headquarter is situated in Princeton which employs 150+ people, with locations in Virginia, Maryland, and Florida. The company’s rapid growth has been organic and they have handled the projects throughout the company. It is second to none company which offers you the most credible and essential products.

The only mission behind this leading company is to proffer cutting-edge products to their customers in defense and government organizations with the pioneering technology solutions and tools which is required in accordance with speed and self-assurance. The core capabilities of the company is that it involves space systems, software development and augmented reality, with this they also deliver fully integrated solutions to their customers.

BANC3 offers a vast array of AR products which include Tele-medicine, training, logistics solutions, remote assistance, image recognition, and enhanced situational awareness capabilities. If you are keen interested to know more about their capabilities and what kind of product they keep, you can surely visit to their website and from there, you can have all the details and information. You can order any of their products which totally depend upon your specific needs and choices.

So, what you are waiting for? Just pay a visit to BANC3 and enjoy the company’s remarkable scientific products that you have never heard of or even witnessed before. All the experts at this leading company make sure that they can fulfill and fully cater the expectations and dreams of their customers.

All the employees at BANC3 are quite talented and professional, and are receptive to innovative ideas and are committed to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their services. You must count on this firm before you make the mistake of trusting anyone else. See the other dimension of the world through the help of their one-of-a-kind tools and technologies. Be the part of their family today.

Meet BANC3- The Rising Name in Technology Industry

Technology is ruling all over the world as each business division and industry has started incorporating various technology solutions. Right from the government sector to the usual people, everyone is availing the power of technology in different ways. One name that has been contributing to the enhancement of technology utilization is BANC3. It is the most renowned research/development and product firm specializing in various technologies. Over the few years, it has been assisting a range of businesses and industries to integrate various advanced technology solutions so as to augment their productivity, streamline the operations, and increase revenue. The potential of the firm to invent new ideas and bring them into reality has taken it to the next level.

BANC3 has been setting a benchmark for many businesses to survive and thrive in the vast competition of technological market. Right from the intelligence, computer, surveillance, communications, reconnaissance, to the control, the company has been providing all the advanced technological services and solutions to the government sectors like Department of Defense and other government agencies. Just like other firms, BANC3 has also started with a small team and fewer resources, but due to their work enthusiasm and passion for the technology, they are now counted as one of the best technology firms.

BANC3 is determined to offer progressive research/development solutions and products to the defense and government agencies and other tech-savvy customers. They know what technology tools and solutions are essential to augment the speed and confidence of individuals involved in a defense field, and accordingly they provide the most precise services to them.

The most trending technology invention named Augmented Reality is one of the focused areas of BANC3 that they have been working on. They have introduced a new face of AR to the world with their amazing innovations and products. Whether it is aviation, logistics, law enforcement or engineering, the company has been helping every sector to avail and experience the AR solutions and services.

Apart from their services, what makes them stand unique is their compliance of integrity and ethics. BANC3 is establishing a great example for many startups and new business on how to obey business morals and keep a robust relationship with the customers. They ensure to make each customer contented by fulfilling their each and every requirement. Seeing the superiority, consistency, and accomplishment of BANC3, we can say it is going to be one of the technology leaders in the upcoming days.

BANC3: A Credible Platform for Augmented and Virtual Reality Products

In past few years, the world has witnessed a significant paradigm shift in science and technology. From robotics to micro systems, the functioning and operation have been changed drastically that has made the world a better place to live in. Seeing the immense growth of technologies, there are a number of remarkable enterprises out there which provide innovative solutions and services for surveillance, intelligence and communications. One such renowned enterprise is BANC3 which is leaving no stone unturned in providing the cutting-edge solutions for research and development and thus, it has surpassed all the boundaries in offering world-class AR applications. Founded in the year 2000, it is a rapidly growing firm which has successfully executed the projects related to augmented and virtual reality, unmanned systems and space systems and served their services to government agencies and Department of Defense.

BANC3 is an agile business where 150+ employees are working on innovative and in-depth projects without compromising on their ethics and integrity. BANC3 is the pioneer of AR technology which provides cutting-edge AR products to their clients and customers. From micro displays, AR headsets, virtualization software and wireless communications, it provides supremely remarkable AR glasses which has distributed to X1 for the government and ThirdEye Gen.

The augmented smart glasses provided by BANC3 provide out-of-the-box and fully integrated solutions. They have got hands free user interface along with point of view app that allows you to see the live spot by sending you annotated AR info. It consists of replaceable batteries where you can conveniently use their AR glasses all day long. The augmented reality glasses truly give a different perspective of the world that you have never seen before.

BANC3 has provided AR smart glasses to the following sectors that are mentioned below:

  • Law Enforcement/Border Security

  • Engineering Security

  • Aviation

  • Industrial/Logistics

  • Tele/Virtual Health

BANC3 has designed AR glasses for dismounted operations that have eradicated the need for soldiers to look elsewhere or look down. It has got incredible staff of professionals that have expertise in a variety of application areas such as systems analysis and integration, user interface design, system architecture and lot more. They hold great significance on research and development that has taken this enterprise to a whole new level. If you are working on any project, feel free to contact them and they will give highly receptive ideas on to get complete success on your desired project.